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Designing and Constructing the House of Your Dreams

They say – A house is made of walls and beams while a home is made of love and dreams! Building a dream home is a one time opportunity for many in their lives due to the cost of building. But a home becomes priceless when you think of all the emotions and memories it will eventually contain. It will be the place where you spend your life with your loved ones and where you will laugh, cry, love, fight and do everything else together throughout your life.

Everyone is sceptical when it comes to building a house. Simply because building a house is not a small task. You therefore want to make sure that you put the responsibility of building your dream house into safe hands. Your architecture can help you in planning your house better with their experience and a well planned house will not just ensure strength and durability but also comfort in the long time.

Who are we at The Landscape Architecture

We, at The Landscape Architecture, are aimed at planning, designing, constructing and delivering beautiful, serene homes for our clients. The Landscape Architecture as helped hundreds of families settle down by offering them total design and construction services as per their preferences and within their budgets.

Architecture Services Offered by Us

We offer number of architecture services to our elite customers. All our services are related to building your dream house or offer aid to the construction of the infrastructure. Here are our services at a glance.


Our panel of architect’s has Gold Medallists which offer modern architectural designs for your house’s appearance. Though, we do keep your preferences and choices in mind while doing so to ensure satisfaction and deliver you with a wonderful experience of getting your house build. 

Interior Designing

 Post the architectural selections, comes the construction of the building. We offer construction with quality material to ensure strength and durability of the infrastructure. Apart from that, we use modern construction methods to deliver earthquake resistant structures.

Turnkey Construction

Finally, to add cherry to the cake, comes the interior designing of your place. Our designers will choose everything for you as per your choice ranging from the room color, wall texture, curtains, flooring, lighting etc.

Why The Landscape Architecture

We have now been one of the most trusted and recommended architects in the region. There are tons of reasons to choose as us follows:




Our team has several years of experience in building and delivering houses to our clients. This makes us stand apart from others as we use the latest techniques and methods for construction.   Our services are affordable and pretty reasonable as per the market standards.

No Quality Compromise



We believe in delivering quality work to you. Hence, there is no compromise at all with the quality of the construction material.   We consider your likes and dislikes while designing for you. Our design process completely involves you and your decisions are always regarded.

What are you waiting for? Get in touch with us today for quotations and to get started with the construction of your dream house!


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Happy Clients

Take a look at what some of these happy home owners have to say about our services!

I remember the first phone call we got from The Landscape Architect! It was just so heart-warming that we were instantly convinced that they were the right persons to design our dream home. We are so happy we chose to work with them. They designed the perfect home for us!
Martha B. Brown

Happy Clients

My wife and I were in drastic need of an architectural firm because the ones we were working with could not meet our requirements. A friend of ours recommended these guys and we are so thankful that he did. This firm has met all of or architectural needs!
Sean N. Johansson